Q: What is the transport of works of art?

A:  A transport company art is a specialized transport company that can pack, ship and install artwork, antiques, paintings, statues, sculptures. Companies handling artefacts have been trained and specially equipped trucks and warehouses for safe storage correct and transport of works of art.


Q: What kind of service I get from Swift Art Services;

Α: The services that Swift Art Services provides is packaging, storage, transport , and post any kind artwork . Provides transportation either domestic or internationally in a special pack accordingly transportable artwork and how to send it. The store is in suitable warehouses and special door alarm and security shutters to the appropriate temperature. Finally, regarding the suspension -mounting works of art in the place of supply experienced staff to undertake the correct repositioning of artwork .


Q: What kind of insurance is provided for sending artwork?

Α: Most companies handling and transport of works of art and antiques provides additional insurance for sending artwork. Swift Art Services  doesn't provide automatically the insurance of the transported works of art ( paintings, sculptures , antiques , sculptures ) . As a transportation company we are responsible according to their general Terms and Conditions for securing the dragged object based on the weight and not the objective value . To take the company responsible for each risk should be special provision for the transfer value of the artwork with the corresponding insurance costs .