Services for Transporting and Packaging Artwork and Antiques

The Swift Art Services undertakes to meet the specific requirements for packaging, transportation and post your valuable artworks customers.

Basic condition for proper transfer of artwork is selecting the appropriate packaging, depending on the transported object.

 Swift Art Services disposes special machines such as vertical chippers to manufacture high quality boxes in appropriate dimensions. Each package is designed and customized to meet the needs of our customers.

Particular attention is given within each box and the materials used, which provide better protection to the delivery.

The Swift Art Services undertakes the safe transport of artworks all over the world, economically and without delay.

The trucking company is well- equipped and meets the necessary requirements for proper and safe transportation. Also, by the law, all our vehicles are insured for the carriage of cargoes with basic coverage for cargo insurance.

Our specialized services completes the display of works of art on the agreed destination. The most important for the secure transfer of priceless objects is to supervise the loading and unpacking of the art pieces.

Our experienced staff ensures correct positioning of any kind work of art that needs special and careful treatment.